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Friday, June 10, 2011

How To Build Your Downline With Trafficwave Paid Signups

If you've been a subscriber on my list for any length of time you know that I do not pay out of pocket to join any online business. I use the $60 Miracle Money System as a feeder to generate the income to join any business with zero out of pocket cost. I have used this system as a feeder to build my other online businesses. I also use the money I earn from this system to purchase advertising for my other businesses. If you would like to learn more about that system you can visit http://miracle.autocashatm.com

Trafficwave is a part of Miracle Money System and has consistently paid me a weekly income since September, 2010. This is what we are using as the residual income portion of our business. What I didn't know until recently that there was a team in Trafficwave that was breaking records and changing how you receive signups.

Have you heard the phrase "success leaves clues"?

Have you heard the phrase "find someone that has what you want. Do what they do and you will get what they got"?

I found out how the #1 earner in Trafficwave ($5000-$7000 per month) was building her team fast in both Trafficwave and her primary business.

In 2009, Didi Wargo of Trafficwave's Team Atlantis started a team with just 5 members. Each team members Trafficwave affiliate link was placed into a team link rotator. All 5 members were responsible for advertising the team link in Traffic Exchanges, Safelists and Pay to Click sites.

Note: Yes the resources I mentioned above work. These three resources were responsible for the combined $10,000+ I earned last year in both Miracle Money, Trafficwave and $150 Fast).

Each member in the team rotator was responsible for getting 1400 visitors to the rotator link each week. Individuals who did not meet their quota were removed from the rotator.

The qualifications for being a part of the team and having your affiliate link in the rotator was: upgrading your Trafficwave membership (you get a 30 day free trial but are required to upgrade which is $17.95 in order to have your link placed in the team sponsored rotator) and obtaining the 1400 visitors to the rotator link every week.

Her team today has grown into the thousands and the 5 people who originally joined her are now on the top 10 earners list in Trafficwave. I call that a clue.

She provides the ads, the links, the advertising resources. She even follows up with your prospects on your behalf. All you have to do is maintain your membership and get your 1400 hits to the rotator every week using the recommended resources she provides.

The people they have placed in your Trafficwave downline are paid members. You now have a list that is being build for you through team advertising and you are receiving paid signups into your downline. As long as they maintain their membership you will receive a residual income every month based on others helping you advertise. Please tell me you caught that? These are individuals you can now introduce to your primary business. For me that is ROI Unlimited...It may be another business for you.

You need referrals for your business
You need a list
You desire to earn a residual income
You want upgraded signups
You want others to help you build your list and income

If this makes sense to you and you are tired of struggling to get leads, signups and sales in your business go to my link and sign up right now - Trafficwave Paid Signups

Please call or email me if you have any questions after reviewing the system.

Theresa Johnson
1pm-8pm CST

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